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he Power of Mental Wealth is a cutting-edge book to help you thrive in times of chaos and change. More than twenty immensely talented contributors share their definitions of this term and their mental gifts with you in The Power of Mental Wealth. 

My Daily Bread

I’m not a preacher but I genuinely believe that regardless of our religions, GOD has a plan for us all. We should truly share our unique gifts with the world. I know that my purpose for being here is to give value, inspire and uplift people by sharing my thoughts, stories and to provide the best genuine advice I can from my heart.

Wholesaling For Profits: 10 Easy Steps to Becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor

Wholesaling is attracting a myriad of newcomers to real estate, allowing many people to level the playing field in regards to education and economic status. Wholesaling produces a platform to not only elevate but more so empower people of all backgrounds to add value and benefit communities.